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Authored and posted on March 12th, 2012, updated March 20, 2016

Symbiotic Technologies recognizes the following listed websites and blogs for authoritative information and resources:

Standards Compliant Web Design

Web Design And Development Group
The WDaD group is a Google Groups community of web designers and developers, coders and admins, webmasters and site owners, search optimization pros and online marketers, all looking to further their craft using web standards and their best practices.

Standards Compliant Designers

Salamander Design
Mobile-first, responsive websites that look good on any device by leveraging the Boostrap HTML & CSS optimized framework.

Doug Peters
Symbiotic Design
(605) 331-0808
Note: Restricted and unknown numbers are blocked due to the high degree of spam from outsourcing inquiries I receive, even though we refuse to outsource, on a daily basis.

DIY Logo/Header Maker

Standard Logo
Create a standard logo or header for your website, free of charge, using our 3D logo/header maker. Website also explains the benefits of professional logo design without intrusion or obligation.

DIY Website Design Creator / Site Builder

Color Of You
We have a Website Builder that is easy-to-use with professionally done templates allowing a do-it-yourself site design system which allows you to find the Color of You and post your professional presence online quickly and painlessly.

WYSIWYG Website Builder Software

Web Design Software Reviews
CSS & HTML compliant web design WYSIWYG editor (website builder) reviews. Bootstrap framework editors and tutorials.

Premium Domain Name Trade

Domainer's Names
Premium aftermarket domain names portfolio. Domaining resources and information.

Premium Brand Name
Premium brand name and logo packages. Premium domain names and websites available for purchase.

Domain Name Registration/Transfers, with Linux and/or Windows Platform Hosting and Web Servers

Domainance offers popular gTLDs, including .name and .top, at great prices with the best promos.  PayPal is our payment processing partner.

Domain Hostmaster
Leading domain name registrar and web host. W3 Domain Name registrations or transfers with extras (bulk order friendly). Web and e-commerce software solutions. Shared web hosting or dedicated servers (Linux or Windows). SSL security certificates, shopping carts, merchant accounts and more.

Domain Name Registration/Transfers, with Linux Platform Apache Cloud Hosting and cPanel Dedicated Web Servers
Site Domains - Name Registrar & Linux Site Host
Domain names for all types of sites (web, ftp, mobile, email & image sharing sites are all readily available). Create your own website using Site Builder, our free template driven online site builder tool, or use one of our Linux Apache based hosting plans from basic hosting plans to completely dedicated server solutions. Advanced control panel allows you to manage your sites easily. Technical support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week via phone or online support ticket.

Linux Apache Web Hosting and Servers

HD Web Hosting - High Definition Web Host for Heavy Duty Business
Reliable web hosting on dependable servers in a monitored and secure facility utilizing a fast and efficient network connected to multiple backbones. Apache HTTPServer with PHP and MySQL support. Free domain name registration or transfer is available with new hosting payment verification (via phone or email). Site Builder online website creation tool allows anyone to get online quickly and easily. Easy-to-use web hosting control panel makes site administration, renewals and upgrades a snap. 24/7 proper support available via phone or online support ticket.

Site Host Pros
Website hosting without the hassle. Dependable Linux platform, reliable Apache webservers, fast and secure network. php, python, ssi & perl language support. MySQL & PostgreSQL database support. Cron support on plans above the basic starter plan. Advanced hosting control panel. Shared hosting plan options or use advanced dedicated servers to take full control over every aspect of your online business presence.

{S} web host
{S}webhost offers Linux Apache web hosting in advanced Network Operation Centers in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States and Sweden. Our NOCs are BlueSquare in London (UK), SiSGroup in Sydney (AU), Steadfast in Chicago (USA), and Bahnhof in Stockholm (SE), all with stellar reputations. So when you need hosting, think {S}webhostTM

Apache Website Hosting
Apache HTTPServer hosting with php, Python & perl language support, MySQL & PostgreSQL database support and cron support in a clean custom control panel where you can easily administer, upgrade or downgrade your account and site(s). Inexpensive service on a fast & secure network with a free reseller hosting opportunity available (sell yourself hosting at wholesale prices). Proper Support available 24/7 via online support ticket or telephone. 

Domain Name Parking

Parking PPC
Just like the search engines, the domain name parking industry changes constantly. The problem is that most parking services, while intending to provide a valuable service, simply fall short based on the fact that they are at the whim of the search engines, which don't want to display sites of advertising. Yet, there are plenty of appropriate solutions in answer to the issues associated with parking. 

TNT Parking
TNT offers a customizeable parking system that allows you to brand your own site, insert your own content and use your own advertising.

Webmaster Resources

Resell Web Hosting & Servers Complete with Domain Registrations & Transfers
Offer reputable Linux Apache cloud hosting or a number of virtual and deddictaed web server plans in a variety of different configurations. Resell Security Certificates, as well. Web hosting stores available for free. Other reseller opportunities, as well. Tech support available to you and your customers 24/7.

WorldWide Web Domains & Networks
Wholesale worldwide web domain names and vital internet business services such as hosting, security certificates, and even merchant accounts available. Add your products and set your prices in our turn-key custom store. Web hosting account provided for you to design and attract customers. Promotional opportunities abound for the right marketing professional. No inventory, and we can take care of customer support acting as your technical support staff (which is what we do best, 24/7).

Webmastering and webmaster resources.

Website Webmaster Blog
You guessed it, a webmastering blog.

Glossary Index
Dictionary word look-up project that will be extended to allow for tech terms in the future.  Helps you keep an eye on your spelling.

HTML Character Codes
Find the code for that special character you need on your website... © ™ ® ¢ € £ ¥ Æ, etc.

Meta Tags & SEO
Information about how to use your website meta tags to your advantage and help optimize your website.

Robots File
The robots file can actually help you by directing traffic and freeing-up resources as it can reduce the time a bot spends spidering, or crawling, your website.

When looking for a logo or a web font to use in your website's design, the Font-Journal offers a variety of Public Domain, Free, Freeware and Shareware PC TrueType fonts.  Mac users can easily convert fonts that don't include a Mac version with the TTConverter app download at the bottom of each page, as well.  Our specialty is to collect, catalog and archive fonts and web fonts that are OK for commercial use, though some may require registration, a nominal shareware fee or be restricted for personal use only. Please check the license. Other font editing resources also available.

Convert your photo or logo into an icon for use on your website.  You can even animate it.

phpinfo() File
You don't have to call-up tech support everytime you need to know if a script you want to install will work on your *nix cloud hosting or web server account everytime you want to add a feature to your website.  Just follow the easy do-it-yourself instructions and you will always have up-to-date version information.

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