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Authored and posted on March 12th, 2012, updated March 19, 2016

Symbiotic Technologies is all about the relationships we have with our technology. Our computers, as well as our computerized devices, have grown up and actually become useful in recent years. Some things such as smart phones and hand held devices still need to catch-up in the usefulness arena because they are still too slow to be truly useful, as they should be. But we have employed computer technology in our lives exponentially, using computers in our vehicles, furnace & air conditioning thermostats, refrigerators, televisions and telephones enough so that the term, "The Digital Age" has been coined.

I'm about to reveal my age, but I think that this is an important story. When I was just a kid I started trying to learn how to type on a manual typewriter. Electric typewriters were out, but very expensive. My father was an attorney and asked what I was doing. I told him and his response was "So that you can become a secretary?" 

That reply would not be insulting and sexist today. But back then, a lawyer didn't type at all, they dictated and their secretary noted everything down in shorthand and then typed it all up for him/her. 

I told my father that someday I would be some sort of computer operator. "That's what you want to be?" 

I winced; "Well, kind of, they probably don't have a word for what I will be, yet."

My father roared with laughter, then insisted, "You will be rich, then? Computers cost a lot of money."

"One day everyone will have a computer.", I replied.

Both my father and my younger brother roared with laughter, this time. "You know how much you would have to pay to have a computer? And where would you put it, they take up a whole room.", my father insisted. 

I'm sure my father would take back all this ridicule in hindsight, if they could. Nowadays we hold more computing power in the palms of our hands than could fit in a very large room, back then. And the nice thing is that in order to have become such a widespread and inexpensive technology, computers had to become user friendly and super efficient. 

Quite honestly, we had to suffer through a couple of decades of unreliability with blue screen death messages and untold lost work. Once in a while this phenomena rears its ugly head in Windows, still, if certain things in Microsoft's OS are not just right. But we have learned to save our work and backup regularly.

Recently, computers have moved from the desktop to the lap desk. Even more recently they have, by invite, invaded our hands as communicators and become a vital tool when we need to talk to someone, send a quick email, snap a photo, use a flashlight, search the web, scan a barcode to compare prices, remote start our car, and the list just keeps growing.

Technology has become an invisible partner in our lives. The more seemingly invisible and understandable it becomes to users, the more successful it becomes. But make no mistake, we have been educated in its use. This education is actually quite constant, as technology matures and developers study how users interface with devices and design navigation systems in accordance with more understandable navigability. 

However, others are ignoring the user interface. Despite great objection several browser platforms have changed the user interface and not returned it to functioning according to user habit, and FireFox has lost the top web browser platform spot. These troubles have been enhanced by reliability issues (specifically, trying to save web pages instead of displaying them). And because of easily understandable controls and a great marketing platform, Google's Chrome now looks to become the must-have browser of the future.

All that said and long done, technology advances at a ridiculous pace. My wife bought us both state-of-art 3G DroidX smart phone for Christmas 2011 on a 2 year contract and in late February of 2012 I appear to have lost all Version 3G capabilities. (Like, what?) Honestly, that is insane. Technology is about enabling the user, not screwing him/her. And it shouldn't be about taking advantage of us in order to make a mountain of money. That seems to be exactly what happens most of the time.

Symbiotic Technologies

Symbiotic Technologies is all about the relationships we have with our technology. It isn't just about how we interface with our devices, it is how we use them in our daily lives. Symbiotic Technologies is about reliability, dependability, that seeming invisibility to its users. Symbiotic Technologies is about educating the user so that he/she is not frustrated. Symbiotic Technologies is about being a respectful partner that won't take a superior corporate attitude and breach its contract with the user and sacrifice dignity in the pursuit of the "almighty dollar".

Symbiotic Technologies wants to work with its clientele to offer the very best user experiences available in computer operations, applications and navigation possible according to established best practices in standardized coding and usability that are currently available today and in the future.

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