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Authored and posted on March 20, 2016

By visiting and/or using this Symbiotic Technologies website, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions of service.  Should you disagree with any of the terms set forth, you are encouraged to voice your opinion, concerns or issues with them by contacting us and communicating them.

You hereby agree that you will honor our Copyrights and Trademarks.  Our work is our own.  The textual copy, images and logos are all the original works of Symbiotic Technologies.  You agree not to use our materials without expressed written consent.

You may however, share promotional/media/press materials that are marked as such, such as linking banners and badges.  Again, you will find specific written consent on the page of the website where such materials can be found, with instructions on how to use them.  Simply follow the instructions to use that shared material.

Publicly posted material by contributing parties remain the Copyright of those contributors.  When contributing, use only your own materials, or your own words.  No one is authorized to upload or copy any content that is not their own or that they do not have the right to use.

By volunteering information on this website, you thereby permit us to publish it and use it.  You also allow us to delete any information for any reason.

You also agree not to maliciously deface, hack or maliciously modify this website, the server or its files in any way.  Do not edit, append, modify, adapt, convert, add to or leave any files on this site for us.   

Finally, you hereby agree to review and comply with our Privacy Policy Statement.  We don't spam, and we don't want to be spammed, either.

Thank you for reviewing our Terms & Conditions of Use Agreement.  If you have any concerns, issues or questions about our Terms & Conditions, or our Privacy Policy, we urge you to go ahead and contact us and communicate any problems we might address for you, as well as the public.

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