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Privacy Policy Statement

Authored and posted on March 20, 2016

By visiting and/or using this Symbiotic Technologies website, you hereby agree to the this privacy policy as  terms and conditions of service.  Should you disagree with any of the terms set forth, you are encouraged to voice your opinion, concerns or issues by contacting us and communicating them using our online contact form.

We use our web server's log files and third-party 'cookies' to recognize visitors, track them throughout the website, and to record stats that we can compile into information that we can use to improve a vistor's website browing experience.  

cookies are tiny data files that are written to your browser's cookie cashe.  They do not reveal any information about you, but by allowing us to write a uniquely identifiable code to your device we can track your movement through the site, personalize it for you, or recognize you when you return.

As we use 3rd-party cookies, they are written by Google Analytics, or other third party scripts.  Google Analytics cookies allow us the ability to monitor traffic on a whole, as indicated above.  Other third party scripts won't be implemented without you interacting with the website.

When you leave a comment or testimonial on the website, it is still your property, but you allow us to publish and use it indefinitely, or for as long as we want, as volunteered public posts.

Some applications such as newsletters, forums or directory listings, will require that you sign-up for them.  Your private email contact information and such will be required and we will only use it for the purpose of the administration of your membership and services.  

We do not spam.  We fight spammers and scammers where we find them, and expose them for who they are when we can.  We will not send out any unsolicitated emails (spam) to anyone that we do not intend to do business with, and any newletters that we send out the receiver has to sign-up for and verify his/her intent to accept the newsletter before a subscription will begin.  The recipient may also quit the newsletter at any time they wish by following the unsubscribe link shown at the bottom of every newsletter.

Upon contacting us, either through the website, via phone, or in person (by appointment), we will likely have some of your private contact information, possibly your personal or business information as well.  We will protect and keep that information confidential, between us.  Your privacy is important to us.

We will not knowingly place your personal private information in jeapordy.  We erase all hard drives, SSDs and memory cards/sticks before leaving our business network by formatting them and then writing zeroes to the entire storage area.

Your private contact details and personal information is kept within our business network.  We do not give away, rent, lease or sell any contact info or personal information to anyone, in anyway, and we never will.  

The only exception to releasing any private contact or information to any other party is by court order through a proper legal authority with the proper credentials to prove who they are and with the correct jurrisdictional authority, after the accompanying documentation of such authority has been reviewed for legality.

We also reserve the right to delete anyone's private contact information, their personal or business data, or any files that we have on anyone without notice and for any reason what-so-ever, including none-at-all.

This document has been written to protect all parties involved and is a part of our Terms & Conditions Agreement that you agree to by using this website.  

Finally, you hereby agree to review and comply with our Privacy Policy Statement.  We don't spam, and we don't want to be spammed, either.

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